How We Launched A Gettr Account And Got It To 6,000 Followers In 6 months

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John Paluska

6/1/20220 min read

When Gettr came on the scene, Latest Headlines was an early adopter. Realizing that, unlike Parler, Gettr was backed by a billionaire who made sure the platform built its own servers, the owner of Latest Headlines saw a chance to inform users on a new platform with news that is reliable and trustworthy.

Latest Headlines enlisted John Paluska PR to build, grow, and co-manage his account for 6 months. We gave him:

  • A brand new, customized Gettr profile.

  • A news tips email address that he could use to securely collect eyewitness stories and safely protect those who send them

  • Comprehensive audience analysis resulting in posts that went viral on the platform, obtaining hundreds of likes, shares, and comments.