How We Drove 1.5 Million Visits To The Washington Gazette

How we built The Washington Gazette's entire social media presence and drove hundreds of thousands of visitors to the website.

7/8/20220 min read

When The Washington Gazette started out, they were just a website with a dream. The owner, while having experience running news blogs, had never run his own 24/7 news outlet before, and he was also starting from ground zero. . .

When we took over marketing, the client did not have:

  • An Email list

  • A custom-themed website

  • A TV streaming platform

  • A news aggregation page

  • Automated Twitter and Facebook pages

  • Social Media Presence

We built all of the above for The Washington Gazette. We put together a streaming TV platform consisting of science programming, news programming, travel programming, and more. We also implemented an email marketing campaign and began growing The Washington Gazette's list. We also began strategically posting The Washington Gazette's content on Social Media while also maintaining and growing their Twitter and Facebook pages, which resulted in a 700% increase in follows and likes in addition to posts going viral.

In the short period we worked with The Washington Gazette, the news outlet received:

  • 1.5 million visits to the website as measured by Google Analytics

  • 700% growth to the Twitter and Facebook pages

  • A full-fledged Live TV Streaming platform

  • A brand new website

  • Facebook posts with more than 700 shares and hundreds of comments

  • Twitter posts that had thousands of impressions

  • Featured Stories in News Aggregators like Smartnews, The Liberty Daily, and Whatfinger.

  • Placement in Google News and Bundle

  • An email list with 2500+ subscribers in the first year

  • An in-house Ad network that bypassed ad blockers