How We Raised $10,000 For A Political Candidate In 3 Months

When we joined Sergio for Governor, we took on their email marketing and copywriting roles and raised thousands of dollars in mere months.

7/7/20220 min read

Sergio de la Peña is a family man who loves his country and his home state of Virginia. And in the Virginia race for governorship, after spending time working in the Trump Administration and campaigning for President Donald Trump, he saw his chance to give back to a state and country that has given much to him.

When John Paluska PR joined the campaign team, the email list was hovering around 1,200 names. By joining Sergio de la Peña at events and helping to optimize the workflow for the email marketing, that list doubled to more than 2,400+ names in just a couple of months, many of them being delegates who were going to cast their vote in the Virginia Republican Primary's ranked choice election.

From this list of 2,400+ names, we raised $10,000, with many donations being between $50-$100, in just a short few months.

When Sergio de la Peña enlisted our marketing services, we provided him:

  • Brand new messaging. Including slogans.

  • Comprehensive audience research for his political campaign, with a breakdown of which issues were most and least important.*(See notes for more info)

  • Multiple blog posts championing Sergio de la Peña's successes

  • Management of Sergio de la Peña's Square site

  • An article in The Washington Gazette that went viral on


*It is sadly worth noting that Sergio de la Peña's campaign staff did not heed all of our audience research suggestions, and this could have affected the outcome of the Republican Primary. When speaking to delegates at the events, many of them were in line with the audience research we had conducted, and some candidates who pushed the issues we told Sergio de la Peña's campaign staff to focus on ended up winning the Republican Primaries for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General and then went on to win the General Election.