How We Added 13,000 Followers To A Parler Account In 5 Months

Before Parler was temporarily shut down by Amazon, our client was fast growing to become one of the most-followed early adopters of the platform.

7/7/20221 min read

When the owner of Trump Conservatives Unite saw the Similarwebs data for Parler in the early months the platform came out, watching it grow exponentially to 9 million monthly visits, he realized the importance Parler could have played in the Social Media echosphere.

So we helped him grow his account to 13,000 followers, at a time when even the biggest accounts on Parler were still small. Moreover, our rigorously-tested social media growth strategies also caught notice of the Parler algorithm and turned his account into a "you should follow" account by the sheer number of followers we gave him before Amazon pulled the plug on Parler and the platform temporarily shut down.

John Paluska PR helped Trump Conservatives Unite to achieve:

  • 13,000 Parler Followers

  • A spot on the "accounts to follow" tab due to how quickly we amassed followers

  • Posts with strong engagement

  • One of the earliest fast-growing pages on Parler